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st. peter catholic school

Middle School


     The study of the Catholic faith is pivotal in our educational process. Students in 5th grade concentrate on the seven sacraments and the lives of the saints. In 6th grade focus is on the Old Testament, in 7th grade the New Testament is the primary area covered and in 8th grade the History of the Catholic Church is covered as well as Theology of the Body.


Math - Students are instructed in ability groups from 5th grade through 8th grade. This permits students to pursue either algebra or pre-algebra by the time they are in the eighth grade.


 English – Grammar and literature are used to reinforce writing skills for each student. Teachers focus on grammar to reinforce writing skills across curriculum that are so important for high school success. Research papers for Science, Social Studies and Literature classes are completed during curriculum.


Literature – students are exposed to a wide variety of literary forms including plays, poetry, novel studies and great works of fiction. Through these, students learn the basic elements of plot, character, theme and become versed in completion of character studies. All middle school students participate in our Accelerated Reading Program in order to enhance their reading level. At the completion of each book read each student is able to test their knowledge by taking an automated test in our Computer Center or a student's classroom. The Accelerated Reading Program tracks the books each student has read, the level of the book, and the overall score and points received.


Science -   Science is divided into ability levels in grades 7th through 8th.   In the sixth grade year, Earth and Space Science introduces students to the world and universe in which they live. This curriculum is closely linked to the Social Studies curriculum, which in sixth grade emphasizes world civilizations                       Emphasis on beginning laboratory skills is started in the 5th grade. In seventh grade, lab skills are enhanced to include microscope techniques as students are introduced to Life Science, ranging from cells to the complexity of the human body. Weekly, students rotate into the schools' state of the art Science and or computer Lab where lab experiments are conducted using virtual labs as well as hands on experiments. The 8th grade Physical Science class introduces basic concepts in physics and chemistry. This integrates both Science and Math curricula. In addition, eight graders visit regularly the Science and/or Computer Lab where experiments are conducted using virtual labs as well as hands on lab experiments.


Social Studies -  Curriculum seeks to promote citizenship and an understanding of our relationship with the world around us. The curriculum includes            American History in 5th grade, World Civilizations at the 6th grade level, World Geography at the 7th grade level, and American History at the 8th grade level. In middle school these classes are also divided into ability levels in 7th & 8th grades. Social Studies and Science work together to give the student a total concept of the world in which we live. Each level incorporates current events into lessons by way of discussion and by reading daily events or researching pertinent topics on line.



Special Areas


Music - Classes help the students to develop a more advanced knowledge of the world of music, its structures, and its composers.


Art -  Students learn about the elements and principles of Art and how to apply them in their own projects. Special techniques are combined with many types of media to work on craftsmanship and problem solving through art. The creative process, creative expression, cultural heritage and art history are touched upon at various times during each project.


Computer Science - Computer skills are taught in a computer lab rather than in individual classrooms. Students are instructed in the proper terminology and                use of the computer and then use programs to practice keyboarding, language and/or math skills. Students often use the computer for research, type and publish their work.


Spanish - Taught throughout all grade levels. In Middle School, Spanish classes are also divided into ability levels with emphasis placed on verb conjugation and conversational Spanish


Physical Education &  Health – The main objective is to promote the students' understanding of proper body mechanics, health, sportsmanship and overall wellness. Health curriculum is coordinated with Life Science curriculum, each reinforcing the other. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in both competitive and noncompetitive sports.


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Our Mission: To form disciples rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith

through a curriculum of academic excellence within a safe, caring environment.