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st. peter catholic school

Elementary (K-4) Curriculum


Major Subject Areas


Religion - The primary goal of curriculum is to have children learn, understand and relate our Catholic faith to their own lives. This main focus is linked into all other lessons, regardless of subject matter. Children grow in awareness and understanding of Jesus' mission, teaching, death and resurrection. They also become active members in celebrating Mass and Eucharist.


Math - Curriculum uses a wide variety of activities to develop computational and problem solving skills. Lessons in third through fifth grades cover number sense and operation, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data analysis and probability. Many Math lessons are also linked to Science and Social Studies skills. This integrated approach enables students to develop knowledge and apply skills in more than one area of study.


Language Arts - consists of the broad subject areas of reading, writing (including spelling, grammar, usage, and penmanship), listening and speaking. Our goal is to give children tools to communicate and effectively interpret the spoken and written word. Teachers provide children with many opportunities to develop and strengthen the love of language, use language creatively and develop their capacity to reason. Students in the elementary level engage in a writing process that extends throughout the curriculum. Writing across the curriculum is achieved by creative writing which is not limited to a specific subject,

learning to spell reading words that are used in the different types of writing, and writing summaries in areas such as Social Studies, Reading and Religion. First grade and higher participate in our Accelerated Reading Program in order to enhance their reading level. This program tracks the books each student reads, the level of the book and the overall score and points received when tested. This assists the teacher in tracking each child's reading level and if necessary, implement additional initiatives.


Science - Curriculum covers areas of earth science, life science and physical science. As children undertake Science activities, for instance, they develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, which they can apply to other subjects.


Social Studies - Social Studies in third grade focuses on Communities and Early Civilizations, fourth grade focuses on Florida History and fifth grade focuses on American History. Through Social Studies discussions and investigations, children appreciate the history of our country and begin to develop a global view of the world.


Special Areas


Music - Classes are concerned with the structure and use of music in everyday life. Students learn about instruments and their sounds, musical forms and musical styles. Students learn to play simple instruments, construct simple melodic passages and perform folk dances. They continue to develop their singing voices and learn how to sing simple harmonies.


Art -  Students learn about the elements and principles of Art and how to apply them in their own projects. Special techniques are combined with many types of media to work on craftsmanship and problem solving through art. The creative process, creative expression, cultural heritage and art history are touched upon at various times during each project.


Computer Science - Computer skills are taught in a computer lab rather than in individual classrooms. Students are instructed in the proper terminology and use of the computer and then use programs to practice keyboarding, language and/or math skills. Students often use the computer for research, type and publish their work.


Spanish - Spanish instruction in third through fifth grade concentrate on building vocabulary as well as conversational Spanish. Conversational Spanish is geared toward practical use and activities in daily life. Students also work on basic writing skills.


Media Center - Center’s activities build basic library skills and develop reading proficiency. Students are taught to locate and evaluate books for personal reading and for achieving goals in the Accelerated Reading and Book-It programs. Classes have regular weekly visits to the media center, but also have access on an "as needed" basis during other center hours.


Physical Education &  Health and Guidance - Curriculum focuses on our students being fit in mind, body and soul. Every year students go through the Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge test. Classes are structured with a variety of basic exercises and fun games to work specific skills like eye/hand coordination, eye/foot coordination, under/over hand throwing, spatial awareness and body positioning.  Our guidance curriculum includes a school-wide character development program, as well as lessons and presentations about featured topics throughout the school year. Some of the areas of instruction are personal safety, conflict resolution, drug and alcohol awareness, career planning and study skills.





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Our Mission: To form disciples rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith

through a curriculum of academic excellence within a safe, caring environment.