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Pre-K (Early Childhood) Curriculum




• Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 - the Investigator Club series, developed by Sadlier Publishing Company is employed. (Sadlier has aligned this curriculum with the new

national standards).


• Kindergarten through second grade - the Journeys reading curriculum is employed by our educators to guide our students through the reading process to achieve optimum success. Through Journeys, students work on sight words, phonemic awareness and fluency. Writing across the curriculum begins at the   kindergarten level with drawings. Children dictate descriptions of his/her pictures to the teacher. Letter introduction also begins at this level. In Kindergarten, drawings are usually more detailed due to improvement in small motor skills through formal handwriting instruction and practice. Morning  Messages and the use of journals help to develop reading readiness, letter-sound skills and sight word recognition. Inventive spelling can be seen as a progression of the writing process.


Science - The Science curriculum covers areas of earth science, life science and physical science. As children undertake Science activities, for instance, they develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, which they can apply to other subjects


Special Areas


Music - Classes for pre-K through third grade are designed to help a young child explore his/her world through music. Music activities reinforce  language  and physical development. The use of music also helps a child to develop his/her aural experience and introduces the world of sound and movement to the child. Introduction to the world of sound begins with the discovery of the child's natural singing and speaking voice and helps to spark the creativity of the child from within.


Art - Concepts of Art are taught in pre-K through third grade. Projects allow for creativity and uniqueness while developing already growing fine motor skills. Students learn about the elements and principals of art and how to use them in his/her artwork. Special techniques are combined with many types of media to work on craftsmanship and problem solving through art. The creative process, creative expression, culture and heritage, artists and art history are touched upon at various times during each project. Art expression is also encouraged within the regular classroom, where projects relate to current themes.


Computer - Taught in a lab environment. Instruction is planned cooperatively with the classroom teachers, incorporating current areas of study. Basic skills  such as manipulation of the mouse and navigational skills are developed at the pre-k and kindergarten levels using interactive and engaging  programs. Creative writing is further developed at the first, second and third grade levels using word processing skills.


Media Center - Each Early Childhood class visits the Media Center weekly. Children in pre-k and kindergarten are introduced to many genres of literature. The children are also taught how to select and check out a book. In first, second, and third grades, the children are given greater exposure to the various components of literature. Accelerated Reader and Book-It Programs are also available to students in these grade levels.


Physical Education & Health and Guidance - Our Physical Education and Health and Guidance curriculum focus on the overall well-being of our students,  that is, in body, mind and soul. P.E. classes are structured to begin with a variety of basic exercises and fun games to work specific areas of skill (eye/hand, eye/foot coordination, under/over hand throwing, spatial awareness, body positioning). Teamwork is promoted and students are encouraged to develop  qualities of good sportsmanship and leadership in an atmosphere of respect. At the first, second and third grade levels, students participate in the Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge, leading to a lifelong commitment to good health. Health and Guidance instruction focuses on personal wellness, nutrition and safety. In addition, the Guidance counselor utilizes theme-based lessons that enhance positive character development. Special area teachers work in conjunction with classroom teachers and school administration on activities that relate to classroom academics as well as special events at the school.





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